Rejuvenating Facials

Each facial is customized for your skin based on an evaluation from a licensed skin specialist.   

Ultrasonic Facial $90

Ultrasound waves create heat in the deeper skin tissue to stimulate new collagen and infusion of topical treatments.  Treatments are based on skin needs such as sun damaged skin, acne, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles.  This procedure is safe for all skin types.  

• Stimulates collagen production

• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• Infuses skin with nourishing ingredients

• Hydrates skin

• Unclogs pores to help promote clear, balanced skin​

Age Defying Resurfacing Facial $80 

Reduces the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles.  Minimizes the appearance of hyper-pigmentation while improving firmness and hydration.  

• Gently exfoliates to reveal brighter, more even toned skin

• Restores radiance and suppleness  

• Nurtures the skin with powerful antioxidants

Clarity Facial $70

Fights acne breakouts and controls excess oil for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

• Reduces blemishes and breakouts

• Reduces excess oil and minimizes hyper-sebaceous activity

• Calms inflammation and reduces redness

• Deep cleans to remove pore-clogging impurities

Calming Facial $70

Soothes away redness and reduces the look of irritated, sensitized skin with a treatment that also keeps the signs of aging at bay.

• Calms, soothes and reduces irritation

• Nourishes skin with powerful antioxidants

• Gently resurfaces without irritation to reveal younger-looking skin

Hydrating Facial $70

Relieves dry skin types with a hydrating facial that helps restore moisture, vitality and firmness to the skin.

• Softens skin

• Boosts hydration

• Improves the appearance of firmness

• Supports a more youthful appearance